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30 Ads that make you think.

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Last month while in Mississippi I had the opportunity to stop by and have lunch with Morgan Freeman (That’s me on the left). He’s a great guy and the soul food was fantastic. We hope to work with him in the near future!


5 Tips – Choosing the Right Corporate Video Company

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If you’re just getting started in the world of corporate video, choosing the right production company isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are lots of aspects to consider, and various steps to undertake when deciding which company is right for you and is going to help you reach your video ambitions.

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Designing Effective Corporate Video Marketing Campaigns – 7 Steps to Success

Marketing and strategy

Your company is finally ready to include online video in its corporate marketing programs. That’s great; video is a highly effective marketing tool! However, before your team gets too carried away debating the production details of your project, invest some time in considering all the important aspects of designing effective corporate video marketing campaigns.Below are 7 steps that can help ensure the success of your corporate video marketing campaigns:

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What is a Corporate Video?

Corporate video production refers to audio-visual corporate communications material (such as DVDHigh-definition videostreaming video[1] or other media) Read more…

How to use video to improve your SEO

7 SEO tips to Help Improve Website Traffic with Video

A lot of people ask us how video can help improve website traffic and their SEO. Here’s a list of tips for producing, and uploading your video.

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The Crew

When you thought “the ear”  was long digested and recycled into the earth, probably reincarnated as a butterfly and floating around somewhere in Nevada…think again.  Brett Favre has had more threats of a comeback than Axl Rose. Is there a football version of Chinese Democracy in his future?  Has Craig Sager finally retired his circus clown gig? All these questions answered in this beauty ad by footlocker.

“The Epic Split” is a breathtaking Spanish-filmed commercial produced by Volvo Trucks.  Jean-Claude Van Damme demonstrates his famous leg split, standing on the mirrors of two trucks driving backwards. Read more…


19 Strange and Interesting Ways to Market Yourself

How many billboards and advertisements do you see in a day? The answer is, probably hundreds. More importantly, which ones do we remember? Read more…