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The Power of Branding

Interesting people, beautiful art, and innovative technologies stand out from the crowd  because they intrigue people, are memorable and different. A brand operates in much the same way.  Compelling brands are entertaining, engaging, relevant and more often than not, trail-blazing. They take a stand for or against something and have the confidence to stand apart from the competition. People remember compelling brands and know what to expect from them. Read more…


Internal training Videos and Gary

So you are changing the way you do things. Your supply chain model is old, and you’ve decided to get some fancy new scanners to help process and control inventory. You schedule a training session for next Wednesday, and another at the Vancouver office the following Tuesday. Wednesday comes, you’ve paid Jim from Acme scanners to be here at 9am sharp to show everyone “how to work these darn things”. Well,  Mary is away at the dentist, Bob’s sick in bed, Judy has a  migraine, Kevin is a no-show after a late night partying,  and Gary is in Florida on vacation. After all, Gary deserves it, he’s been a model employee for the last 20 years and you’ve never seen him with a tan.

You look around, realize you’ve paid to schedule Jim from Acme, only to have 25% of your workforce away for one reason or another!

**This is exactly the type of situation that happens all too often in the workplace,  and why video has become such a vital tool in today’s world.** Read more…


Corporate Video Cost Explained

There are many factors that contribute to the final cost of a corporate video.  Below is an example of what is involved in one of our Pro shoots. Above this, one has to factor in additions such as professional make-up, stunts, actors, exotic locations, animation etc.

We always strive to achieve creative excellence within budget, while allowing our valuable customers transparency and involvement in their production process.

As production costs can be a moving target, the best way to get creative ideas and budgetary requirements for your vision is to contact one of our project development professionals for a consultation. Read more…


EPIC shoot – just one feature of our “Pro Package”

Create stunning videos with our Pro level video package that includes the EPIC camera by RED.

Whether you’re shooting a spread for a product or an IMAX-ready blockbuster, EPIC’s stunning 5K images fit every facet of distribution. Precisely engineered to exceed even the highest standards, EPIC features advanced technology that sets the precedent for cinema and photographic excellence. With DSMC functionality, you’ll be able to capture a breadth of video and stills all at once. Any lens. Every job. One EPIC. Read more…

100th Anniversary Of Einstein's Theory of Relativity

Film and post production lingo dictionary.

Do you ever wonder what Film Industry people are talking about?

  • 2-pop
    Following on from the Academy leader, a single frame with a number ’2′ on it will appear that has a short audio tone for its duration. This tone allows the film lab and sound editors to correctly synchronize the audio to picture.
  • 3:2 pulldown
    Film is shot at 24 fps and NTSC video is displayed at 29.97 fps. In order to convert film to video (for telecine or TV broadcasting for example), some frames will have to be repeated to prevent the footage from speeding up. The fields are repeated in a 3:2 pattern – field A three times, field B twice, field C three times, etc. Where there is an odd number of fields, the last field will merge with the first field of the next frame, blending them together. Read more…
Smart Phones

New World Order

Think about the waves of change that have hit the global market place over the past few years, and the role videos – through social media in particular – have played.  People watch over 4 billion hours of video on YouTube every month alone, and they’re not all Harlem shake videos. Video is the number 1 sales tool on the web—and everywhere else—and it’s only going to grow.

Video is truly a very powerful technology (nothing new there…). What’s new is that the technology required to make and distribute it on a global scale is cheaper than ever! Video-enabled handheld devices in the hands of billions have completely changed the game in recent years. A plethora of media is now available literally in the palm of your hand. Read more…


Brand Identity

Let’s look at three heavyweight champions of corporate branding and brand retention over the last century: Read more…


Go ahead, Opt-In

Compare these two videos:

Read more…

How to captivate your audience

Captivate Your Audience

Nothing is more important. Imagine a fish looking at a bare hook absent of bait. It will look at it with glancing interest, then turn and swim away. Imagine your audience in the same manner. You have precious seconds to initiate that strike response.

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