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Eleonora Dimakos

Makeup Artist & Specialist


Eleonora’s expertise as a makeup artist spans over ten years collective.  She has worked on numerous photo shoots, fashion shows, film and television projects with clients of all ages, ethnicities, skin types, and both genders.

At a young age, various pieces of her artwork won awards, were published in the paper, and were inked by tattoo artists.


She majored in Radio & Television Broadcast Journalism, worked for Rogers Television as Entertainment Anchor and Live-Eye Reporter, and as Sir John Magazine’s Lifestyle Editor and Beauty Columnist.

While working as a model and actress for many years, she trained extensively with top makeup artist professionals in the industry.

Eleonora has worked as a Lead Makeup Artist for Holt Renfrew and is a Skin Care Specialist, Certified Beauty Advisor, and Beauty Boutique Manager.  She also runs Ace in Face Studio specializing in wedding and special event beauty services.

Her passion of the arts has driven her to explore everything from photography, to graphic art, to digital editing.  Her heart however always remains in the beauty and magic of makeup artistry.

Eleonora’s perfectionistic, knowledgeable, and patient personality are the perfect mix for uncompromising quality, unparalleled expertise, and unbeatable client care.  She is always smiling, outgoing, and positive.