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Paul Steves



Born in the city, Paul Steves has worked for the film industry in Toronto for ten years. during that time he has worked on an array of projects from the big blockbusters like Total Recall (2012), Guillermo del Toro’s Pacific Rim (2013) and Saw 3D (2010) to Canadian television, Warehouse 13 (2012), Suits (2012), Rookie Blue (2011) as well as commercials, music videos and indie film. Always a member of the camera department, Paul worked his way up over the years participating at every level of the department from Clapper/Loader to Operator to Cinematographer. Paul got a chance to apply what he had learned about 3D to Silent hill in 2012, and has worked with the system ever since.

Paul Steves

As well as all the experience of working in the city, Paul has also worked extensively outside of Toronto.

The clients Paul works with provide him with the opportunity to shoot all over Canada. Places like Nelson BC, Eureka NU, Drumheller AB and with everything from the Arriflex to the Bolex. In addition to long format projects Paul decided to also extend into corprate work in 2009 where he met Jordan Milgrom and the two have been working together ever since.