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branding chart

The Power of Branding

Interesting people, beautiful art, and innovative technologies stand out from the crowd  because they intrigue people, are memorable and different. A brand operates in much the same way.  Compelling brands are entertaining, engaging, relevant and more often than not, trail-blazing. They take a stand for or against something and have the confidence to stand apart from the competition. People remember compelling brands and know what to expect from them.

A brand is a critical asset you must possess to drive and differentiate you, a company or product. If the philosophy of  a brand is not clearly defined, understood and embraced by the entire team, it will never realize its full potential to positively impact your business.

Innovation, communication, differentiation and consistency  are the key ingredients of many successful brands.

As an extreme example, here are 10 companies that offer most of the brands you purchase in a grocery store.  Please click on chart to enlarge:

branding chart

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