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How to use video to improve your SEO

7 SEO tips to Help Improve Website Traffic with Video

A lot of people ask us how video can help improve website traffic and their SEO. Here’s a list of tips for producing, and uploading your video.

1. “Good enough” isn’t good enough

Your videos need to be informative, and rich with relevant content. Don’t waste time producing videos that have nothing to do with your brand or service.
Videos need to be fun, short, and leave the viewer wanting more. Try not to bombard the viewer with information.
If you hire a video production company, make sure they understand the importance of these concepts.

2. The title is your bait

Keep the title interesting. Take the time and think about it before uploading. Don’t overwhelm it with keywords and product numbers, it will confuse your audience who may disregard it as spam.

3. Keywords / Tags

What is your target viewer going to be searching for to find your product or service? Those are the words needed.
Additionally, forgetting to use your company name as a keyword is a common mistake..

4. Video description

Text rich information is best. The information you post helps google and other search engines find your video. Make sure it’s relevant, informative and links back to your website.

5. Length

Keep it short! The average YouTube user spends around 1 minute 30 seconds on each video. Nobody wants to sit through a long boring video, and most won’t do it.
If you have a lot of information, break it down into several shorter videos.

6. Branding

As you know, your brand should carry through everything you sell, and market yourself with. Video is no exception. Keep it slick and sharp. Avoid cheesy graphics, transitions and animations.

7. Sharing is caring

Get on Facebook, share your new video with friends, on fan pages, your business page and so on. Of course social media isn’t just limited to Facebook. Look at all the outlets and think outside the box. The more exposure the better. Remember when you use YouTube and Vimeo to host your videos, you can easily embed your video almost anywhere such as forums that allow you to use HTML code.

Good Luck!

If you would like to know more about this or producing your own corporate video. Call one of our professionals toll free 1 (888) 614-9144.

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